Mystery Road

“We have walked the path of Mysteries to the Greatest One of All… None remains unsolved…”
With just a few words before his disappearance, Leakey the Legendary Explorer, known as the One Who Solves All Mysteries sparked an Age of Exploration with many explorers venturing out into the world in search of him and his discoveries.
Enter Jacko, a 15-year-old boy who has spent his entire life separated from the world. With his trusted robot companion Bibbo and the first friend he makes, Daima, they embark on an adventure of world discovery on the trail of the Legendary Explorer.

Chapter 1 – Jacko’s Routine

Chapter 2 – Visitor

Chapter 3 – Road of Mysteries

Chapter 4 – Chance

Chapter 5 – Lycan Trespass

Chapter 6 – Of Od and Distortion

Chapter 7 – The Leakey School for Explorers

Chapter 8 – Ready

Chapter 9 – The Book of Answers Chapter I [BONUS]

Chapter 10 – Nothing Left


Mystery Road 1

Mystery Road 2

Mystery Road 3

Mystery Road 4

Mystery Road 5

Mystery Road 6

Mystery Road 7

Mystery Road 8

Mystery Road 9

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